General Cargo

With over 20 years experience in General Cargo, we have built an extensive network of partnerships giving us strong capabilities in cargo canvasing from a variety of different sectors. Provious projects include industrial transformers, steam turbines and boilers.

Over the years we have perfected our General Cargo operations insuring vessel are birthed and discharged in the shortest time possible and without any damage to the cargo. Our on he ground team of trained experts monitor and aid in the organisation of the cargo to insure that they comply with the stowage plan and the master's instructions.


Our tailored General Cargo services offer shipment of large and heavy objects between the Far East and Egypt using ABB heavy lift crane ships. With our modern fleet of multipurpose box tween lo-lo Vessels we provide a service which serves the specific needs of todays project cargo markets. This includes reliability, punctuality and professional project shipping in terms of commercial, operational and technical performance. Most of our vessels are E/F-Types built between 2009 and 2014. Our vessels are geared up to 360 tons.


We also offer directional services from/to Northern Europe on a regular basis and on chartered basis world wide, offering customer focused solutions to all areas of sea transport and logistics. We have partnerships with some of the most prestigious and reliable General Cargo operators in Europe to insure that the B&G name is upheld, while maintaining competitive pricing.

Our General Cargo services are tailored to your needs. For more information please contact our helpful advisors.


Sample Ship information:


Gross /Net tonnage 9,611 / 4,260 tons
Deadweight abt. 12,744 dwt
Loa 138.07 meters
Breadth moulded    21.00 meters
Design draft      8.00 meters
Depth moulded   11.00 meters
Air draft   39.40 meters
Grain/Bale capacity  15,952 cbm



Number of holds / hatches:  3
No. 1:  19.30 x 15.42 meters
No. 2:  42.33 x 17.98 meters
No. 3:
26.00 x 17.98 meters
 double skinned/boxshaped
Type of hatch cover Hydr. folding type 
Dimensions of hold 1
18.75 x 15.00 x 10.53 meters LxWxH;
narrows to 10.06 m over 6.00 m
Dimensions of hold 2
42.00 x 17.50 x 11.18 meters LxWxH
Dimensions of hold 3
25.50 x 17.50 x 10.77 meters LxWxH;
narrows to 14.40 m over 5.25 m



2 x 180 mt SWL, El.Hydr. Cranes NMF –
located at port side combinable up to 360 mt SWL
180 mt outreach at 5.0 - 13m
150 mt outreach at 4.5 - 16m
120 mt outreach at 4.5 - 19m
95 mt outreach at 4.0 - 24m
70 mt outreach at 4.0 - 33m